Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

Any individuals who visit this web site or to whom we offer our services to, understands and agrees that all charges are assessed from A.L.S. Limo, LLC. The client or credit card holder authorizes all unpaid deposits & balances with either verbal or signed acceptance of this contract. The client is financially responsible for any damage to our limousine(s) caused by any member of their party. A minimum charge of $500.00 USD will be charged for damaging or otherwise defacing of the limousine whether inside or outside, including but not limited to excretions of vomit, blood or any other bodily fluids. Service will be immediately terminated due to unruly or illegal behavior without refund. A.L.S. Limo, LLC is not responsible for any items left in the vehicle.

A.L.S. Limo, LLC will not be responsible for delays due to traffic conditions, accidents or unforeseen Acts of God.

All charters require a 30% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit.

Cancellation Policy


If cancellation is not made at least 48 hours before scheduled pick-up, passenger will be charged for Full Payment of Contract plus 20% gratuity.


If cancellation is not made at least 6 hours before scheduled pick-up, passenger will be charged flat rate plus 18%-20% gratuity.

SJC Arrivals:

Due to new a policy at SJC Airport, Limos may longer do regular curbside pick ups at SJC.

New Designated Pick Up Areas at SJC:

·         Terminal A:

o  We pick up on 2nd Level of Garage, Take Elevator next to Stairs.

o  Car will be waiting in Section # C

·         Terminal B:

o  We pick up in Parking Lot next to Baggage Claim.

·         Procedures for Drop Offs will remain the same. 


 SFO Arrivals:


·         International Arrivals

o  After you collect your bags

o  Call 877-312-7272

o Then: Please proceed to Door #3 or 4

o Go across the street to the Center Island To Limo Area, where we will meet you.


·         Domestic Arrivals     

o After you collect your bags

o Please call 877-312-7272 -

o Then: Please proceed to Limo pick up Area

o We will Pick up Curbside


               Terminal # 1 - Door # 13

               Terminal # 2 - Door #2 or 4

               Terminal # 3 - Door # 10


Extra Fees:


·         Waiting Fee: Drivers will wait 15 minutes, after the 15 minutes additional charges will be applied for every half hour from the scheduled pickup time. (Does not apply to Arrivals)

·         Meet and Greet: Domestic: $25 

·         Meet and Greet: International: $30

·         Late Night/Early Morning (11:00 PM - 5:00 AM): $25.00

·         Airport/Toll-Fee may apply $5.00 to $7.00

·         Extra Stop (5 mile radius): $20.00
If the stop is outside your travel route, the chauffeur will determine the extra fee.

Aditional fees on service To/From a FBO:
Fixed Base Operator, or FBO, refers to the private jet services available at an airport, or it can involve a large facility built specifically for private jet usage, Additional Fee of $24.00 for Sedan, $36.00 for SUV.

Vehicle Changes:

A.L.S. Limo, LLC reserves the right to change vehicle-type consistent with our schedule.


Due to company policy, drivers are not authorized to bring down luggage from multiple floor buildings and are only required to assist clients from the bottom floor to the vehicle. Any exceptions will be determined by management and are subject to a fee per suitcase.

Tipping Guidelines:

Who expects a tip and what is the proper amount?
Tipping is required, but how much is optional on Airport Transfers. Automatic 20% tip on reservations apply.
It's letting the chauffeur know how much you appreciated their service. Make sure good service is rewarded.
How much should I tip a chauffeur?
20% of the total bill is considered the norm.
If the service is better than average, then you could tip 25-30%.

Important Note About Child Safety Seats

When traveling with children we strongly recommend the use of child safety seats. The State and local laws require your child(ren) to be secured in a child safety seat, so please be sure to bring one. If a child seat is required and not provided by you, we may be unable to provide service.


Pets in our vehicles: Pets are allowed only in our SUVs. The only pets permitted are Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Birds.
The pet must stay in its carrier at all times, and will be transported in the cargo area only.
Combined weight must not exceed 50 pounds and carrier dimensions must not exceed 30"L x 20"W x 24"H

Major Holidays extra charges:

Holidays' Transfers: Rates may differ, please call for Holidays rates and a price quote.
Charters: Minimum hours required, no discounts or special promotions apply on these days.

Independance Day: July 04
Thanksgiving day: 4th Thursday of November
Christmas Day: 24 + 25 of December
New Year's day: December 31 and January 01


 Thank you again for choosing A.L.S. Limo LLC for all your Transportation needs